The Studio

Since 1990 Barbara has been associating Bruno’s experience with her own spontaneity in describing every event, and has been researching new paths in the process of picture creation and renovation.

Passion for photography, experience in the field, and an ever alert eye, ready to catch any feeling in every moment: these are the elements that characterize Studio Cardei‘s vision of photography.

Our Story

Barbara’s Studio is built upon her father’s experience.

Bruno Cardei was born in 1944. He starded his profession following in the footsteps of his father, who had become during the 40’s the official photographer of the Bracciano based Rome military institutions.

In 1960 he launched a new project and opened a studio by himself: the “Studio fotografico Bruno Cardei” is the place where he grew up in experience.

He worked in black&white until colour films appeared in 1968, when he started improving the manual printing techniques.

In 1971 he started using the movie camera, discovering a passion that his daughter Barbara will take up too.

Nowadays he is still “shooting emotions”, helping the digital born generation with his experienced suggestions.


For Barbara Art runs in the family: she grew up with films and cameras. When she was only 11 years-old she began following her father, working on the field as a cinematographer.

She graduated at the “CST” School of Rome for television operators, and in 1990 she finally took up the management of Studio Cardei’s video post-production.

In few years she became apt at catching intimate and important emotions, and at capturing significant moments by means of her own proper sensitivity.

The Staff

The staff grew up together, sharing the same experience and creating a unique and particular style.

Each staff member is reliable and qualified: since they joined our family our photographers have been signing each picture with the typical “Cardei” mark.