A book of memories … Give yourself the emotion secret

Studio Cardei” offers you the opportunity to live over your emotions anytime you want, browsing through the most beautiful pictures of your life.

We interpret your desires and translate them into pictures.

The quality of the album will tastefully portray you, in a synthesis operated by our artisan tradition and our design research.

Our prints are coloured, black&white or fine-art.

Our photo books are the final result of our work… once shot, each photograph comes to life in various forms.


it’s the quintessential photo book.

A sober choice, combining elegance and simpleness, and probably the most versatile to hold together images from any story.

The photo prints’ paper finishes can be glossy, matte or high-contrast style.

The interleaving tissue paper, besides protecting the quality of the photo, lends a classical “old photographic album” touch to your book.


It is the more recent version of the traditional album.

A good choice for those who don’t want to renounce a classic design, at the same time welcoming a more modern finish.

The thicker, stronger pages prevent photographs from rubbing together, thus making interleaving tissue paper unnecessary, and this image layout allows for sequential, complete first glance views.

And the layout is fully customizable, according to the taste of the client and to the artisan’s technique.


A more modern and dynamic product with respect to the traditional album.

The digitally rendered images, directly printed on rigid cardboard and paperback bound, allow for browsing as if through a true book.

This album is just composed of typographically arranged photos: this makes it possible to insert a lot more images and to place them side by side, remodelling the story as if it were a screen play.

Such characteristics make this format particularly suitable for wedding coverages; it is created with Made In Italy quality and fully customizable in every detail, in all formats.


A totally original idea.

A true object of design, it lends a personal touch to your living room, as required by all ultra-modern design lovers.

Inside the book you will find acid-free sliding passepartout mounts, conserving and preserving each image.

The cover is an elegant and transparent Plexiglas showcase that gives a pleasant feeling of lightness and elegance to the whole.

The elegant black & white cardboards are the ideal frame for of the precious high-contrast style prints. A specimen of this book is available at the studio for inspection.


Elegant, essential, polished: Madex is a new interior editing, recounting your wedding with class and uniqueness, and is characterized by its photo prints being framed by a decorating cardboard.

Every page is embellished with black aluminum corners and ready for fast photo assemblage with its sticky sheets.

The hardcover binding featuring a die-cut window is ideal to protect and to deliver great visual impact to your photos.

Madex represents the evolution of the classical album, its layout being designed by the photographer himself.