The desire of narrating, the will to stir emotions, the elegance in reliving.

The key-word of your wedding reportage is spontaneity…

Every wedding film is an opportunity to stir up feelings, while portraying you as the leading character of your love-story. 

The wedding video recreates the perfect harmony of your wedding, getting the viewer involved and bringing once again to life the most precious moments experienced during your wedding day.

Living emotions, vibrant sensations, realistic memories: that’s your real wedding day reportage.

It is important that you trust your videographer.

We want to personally get to know you, in order to understand your needs, so as to satisfy you in the best possible way.

We will create a personal and unique video, adapting our talent to your personal taste.

High-quality guaranteed

Studio Cardei” uses only professional and up to date digital gear, perfect for obtaining a cinematographic personalized look.

  • The Wedding Video

    “Studio Cardei” provides a spontaneous story-like coverage of the day of the wedding.

    We build a real movie out of your love story, whose absolute and real protagonists are… you.

    The authorial editing and the natural sounds of the audio live track accompany you in a highly emotional and richly detailed video.

  • The Trailer or Short-film

    it’s the preview, the short story of your wedding film with a strong immediate impact.