“Studio Cardei”: your wedding photographer in Bracciano, one step away from Rome.

The wedding is a poem that narrates the whole story of your marriage…and photography is just the perfect art to show off this one-day poetry, it is what you need to eternalize every moment of beauty at the time it is happening.

How to choose the best wedding-photographer?

Choosing your wedding-photographer isn’t easy: there are many factors that influence this choice and it is not best to consider affordability as the only variable.

It is fundamental that the photographer should be able to portray the essence of what you are through his talent and experience, adapting his eye to the style you feel most comfortable with.

Through each picture the best emotions of your wedding will be living forever: that’s why we suggest, first of all, that you meet and personally get to know the professional who will be portraying your emotions during the most important day of your life.

And last, but not least, we’re proud to report great tidings:

Gay weddings

Since June 2016, gay weddings have become possible in Italy, too. “Studio Cardei” is enthusiastic about partecipating in the rendition of absolutely special same-sex lovers’ wedding days. We’re glad to eternalise this unique day… all the more so unique.