When the fairy-tale becomes reality

The wedding reportage is the perfect occasion to represent any shade of your story through the only real protagonists of this unique day:


The images of the video are the meeting point between the artisanal tradition and the incessant stylistic research, to create a visual narrative full of vibe and spontaneity.

The wedding video recreates the harmony of your wedding day, getting the viewers involved and bringing once again to life the most precious moments experienced during your wedding day.

The eye of the camera, as active as capable to not make feel its presence, captures those real moments and vibrant sensations, and transforms them in an engaging and realistic reportage of your event.

Every marriage has its own story to tell. That’s why we think that every wedding should be represented in a different and personal way, akin to our way of looking but most of all coherent to your essence and personal taste.

Choosing your operator means first of all to trust him/her, appreciating his/her professionality and sensibility. That is why, before we accept a task, we prefer to personally get to know you, in order to understand your needs, so as to satisfy you in the best possible way. In this way, we will create a personal and unique video, adapting our talent to your personal taste.

Elisa and Mirko
Church Santa Croce – Sasso (Rome) – Location: Villa dei Desideri

Alessandra e Luca
Rome – Location: Villa Rosa Antica


Studio Cardei “uses only professional and state-of-the-art digital equipment, perfect for achieving a personalized and always unmistakable cinematic look.

Wedding movie

Studio Cardei offers you the tale of your wedding in a spontaneous and report-like style.

We film a proper movie of your love-story, of which you are the undisputed and… real stars.

The professional editing and the live natural sounds make the video particularly touching, rich in details and emotions.



The trailer is of your wedding movie is a short story with a great emotional impact of your wedding day.

A small tale with a unique style, which render in a crescendo of emotions the story of your wedding movie.


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